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Publisher - Douglas Cate
Info: I have many talents, interests, pastimes, &skills, but they can be abridged this way: (Jazz) Guitar, Writing/Reading, Imitation/Improvisation, Music

directors: Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin
Brief: I Still Believe is a movie starring Britt Robertson, Melissa Roxburgh, and Abigail Cowen. The true-life story of Christian music star Jeremy Camp and his journey of love and loss that looks to prove there is always hope
Abigail Cowen
So basically a mix of a walk to remember, the fault in our stars, and a star is born. Can we pray for this girl doctors and oncologists: am I a joke to you.

Powerful, inspirational and absolutely fricken beautiful. OMG. I've read this book and it was so good. I can't believe it turned into a movie.


GREAT SONG. See you in Brazil.

We got Saoirse Ronan and Emma Watson also timothée chalamet hereeeeeee

Wow wow wow wonderful Song I still believe. I'm like where did i see this girl, took me like 5 minutes. ozark. Calling it now. He's a guardian angel helping her to enjoy her literal LAST the title. A backwards road for me. I remember sorta hearing it back in the day covered on the Lost Boys soundtrack, then heard the Protomen version (do listen! which brought me all the way back to the original just to hear where it all began, and finally this...

I was watching Lost Boys and hearing the muscle head sax player sing this I had to hear the original once again. I miss her Ozark “Ruth” twang! Shes so amazing tho, all kidding aside. @misshayley666 Now you've got me perving too! P. SHE STHE GIRL FROM HAPPY DEATH DAY I LOVE HER. Will and Jada hands down Edit: Oh yeah Obama and Michelle also. Why was Joe and Sophie in it? They JUST got married not even 6 months ago. What about the Supernatural main cast? Jensen and Daneel? Been together since 2007 and married for 9 years now. Jared and Gen? Together since 2008 and married for 9 years also. Why won't people acknowledge the cast of SPN? Please get into them and learn. They deserve so much for how of an amazing family men they are.

Maravilhaaaaaaa. I dont know why Im in tears watching the trailer. God is so good. Yo I feel blessed with this one. Amazing. This reminds me of the book; with love kate and a walk to remember. Well your not married Well-well That's because I'm rich. How can you not watch Michelle Williams's movie. She is waiting for another and this is solid, lit🔥. Hallelujah I will never loose faith in my lord jesus. even when it appears hes not by my side ill keep faith that he is, praise jesus. If your name is Melissa❤️ hit like👍.

Im so excited to watch this! I feel so blessed to know Jermey Camps real story... I love listening to his songs on K-Love! God bless everyone! 🙏🏼.

This song makes me believe in love again <3.




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